Carbon Lock Technologies is a cleantech start-up focused on developing systems and processes for accelerating the long-term sequestration of atmospheric carbon.

The increasing accumulation of carbon in the atmosphere – in the form of carbon dioxide or methane emissions – is a major driver of climate change today. If we are going to address this problem, we will need to reduce current and future emissions but also develop new ways to "draw down" and sequester the carbon that is already in the atmosphere.


Issues, challenges and solutions


Here's what we've been working on.

North Forge Technology Exchange

Pinawa Pilot Project

Biocarbon Research

Technology Access Centre for Aerospace and Manufacturing


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Kevin Danner
Kevin Danner

Chief Executive Officer & Chair

Strategic planning, trend analysis, external relations, partnerships, communications, and prototype technology development.

    Terry Gray
    Terry Gray

    Chief Operating Officer & President

    Financial management, corporate development, biocarbon research,  operations, human resource management, sales and marketing.

      Sue Satyro
      Sue Satyro

      Lead Research Scientist

      Climate science, geochemistry, sequestration, biocarbon research and applications.

        Darren Mannoup
        Darren Mannoup

        Senior Electrical Engineer

        Power requirements, schematics, permitting, controls and systems, PLC programming, etc.

          Roy Houston
          Roy Houston

          Senior Municipal Engineer

          Municipal projects, wastewater treatment, civil engineering, project management.

            Hazel Luong
            Hazel Luong

            Biosciences Engineering Student

            Research projects, data collection and analysis, emissions analysis, environmental science.


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